Understanding Rare
Chromosome and Gene Disorders

You Did It!

This is Laura after running the #greatnorthrun to raise funds for Unique to support families affected by rare chromosome and gene disorders. See below for some ideas on how you too can do something fantastic today!

Fundraising Events

Interested in taking part in an organised event? We can help you get signed up and we often have guaranteed places of our own! To find out more, click on Fundraising Events below.

Unique couldn’t exist without you

Without the donations and brilliant fundraising efforts of our members, supporters and friends, we simply couldn’t go on providing our services to help anyone born with a rare chromosome or gene disorder.

Imagine having a baby, realising something is wrong and receiving a diagnosis, only to be told by the doctors that they don’t know what the future holds and can’t answer your many questions. That’s where Unique comes in, providing specialist information and support to families coming to terms with a diagnosis and the medical professionals caring for them.


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