Understanding Rare
Chromosome and Gene Disorders

Awareness Week

June 17th – 23rd 2018 is the 5th Global Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week.  It’s a week of shining bright together and reaching out to those who might not have heard of us and need support. We’re celebrating all the unique children and adults and their amazing achievements. For starters, we’ve designed a shiny new Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week logo for 2018:

There are loads of ways you can get involved and spread the word about living with rare chromosome and gene disorders.  Scroll down for ideas on how you can help.If you have any questions, please email caroline@rarechromo.org  and keep an eye on the Unique Facebook page for updates too.

NEW: Blogs for Awareness Week 2018

Lots of families find writing about their experiences raising a child with a rare chromosome disorder helps them come to terms with things and let others know what life’s really like….. it can be therapeutic, uplifting and also very emotional. Here are two new blogs written specially for this year’s awareness week:

Peggy Heron writes about her daughter Lottie, now 26, who lives a very happy and fulfilling life. Click here to read her blog

Another Unique mum blogs about the things she wishes she’d known before having her daughter. Click here to read

Awareness Week Timeline

We’ve given each day a theme to help you get involved and spread awareness. This year’s themes are:

Selfie Sunday – snap and share a pic of you & your child (or yourself if you are an adult with a rare chromosome disorder)

Motivating Monday – a day to shout about your achievements or your child’s achievements

Telling Tuesday – tell people about rare chromosome and gene disorders and what life’s like with them

Warrior Wednesday – recognise someone who has gone the extra mile to support you or your family

Thankful Thursday – focus on the positives: let everyone know what you have to be thankful for

Funday Friday – have some fun spreading awareness and doing some fundraising: eat cakes, dress down, get involved!

Support Saturday – encourage people to donate to Unique to support all those around the world who need us today

For more details about the themes of the day, click here

The New Big Blue Baking Kit

Cake sales have always been a big hit with people fundraising so we’ve given our bake kit a makeover which we’re launching for awareness week…..

Click here to Download your Brand New Big Blue Baking Kit now! 

To give your cake sale and stylish and  totally unique feel, we’ve a selection of cupcake flags and cupcake toppers. Click here to order edible rice paper toppers from www.mycupcaketoppers.co.uk/products/unique

Included in the kit are three new designs of cupcake flags for 2018. If you would like to download them separately, just click on each link below. They can then be printed for use (instructions are included):

Cupcake Flags 1 (penant design)        Cupcake Flags 2 (yellow star design)        Cupcake Flags 3 (2018 star design)

If you need some help or guidance, just contact Caroline on email to caroline@rarechromo.org

Gene the Bear Colouring Competition

NEW! Gene the Bear is back, but he’s looking like a bare little bear and needs some colour. We’d love as many children as possible to get involved in this year’s colouring competition. There are prizes to be won and it’s a great way to keep the kids occupied. We want entries from children with chromosome and gene disorders, their siblings, their classmates at school or nursery, their friends and anyone else. So what are you waiting for?

Click here to enter the 2018 Gene the Bear Colouring Competition

Dress Down (or Up!)

Another popular way of supporting awareness week is by having a dress down day at your child’s or their sibling’s school or nursery or even at your place of work.  This is George (who has a chromosome disorder) dressed as a lion for a fancy dress day. His costume was a roaring success!

The Colouring Competition is back!

For children we also have a colouring competition to download featuring our lovable furry and totally unique friend ‘Gene’ the bear.  A  great way of raising awareness of Unique whilst raising money at the same time and keeping the kids occupied! In the past, lots of schools have taken part, with whole classes and even year groups entering the colouring competition. We love going through all the entries so why not take part?

We’ll be uploading the 2018 colouring competition here so please check back before June 17th.

Totally ‘Unique’ Wristbands

We’ve been told they’re stylish and totally Unique (you can be the judge of that though…. see below!), so what better way to raise awareness? Wristbands are £2 each plus postage and we can ship outside of the UK too. To order yours today, email craig@rarechromo.org and he’ll give you the details.

Print Your Own T-shirts

Why not get your own t-shirt printed to show your support for Awareness Week? We have two brand new and exclusive designs. There are lots of print your own t-shirt shops online and while we don’t endorse any shop in particular, a Unique member has recommended www.streetshirts.co.uk

Click here for the logo to use on an Adults t-shirt design or Click here for the design to use on a Child’s t-shirt

Awareness-Raising Materials

If you’re planning an event and would like some awareness-raising materials, e.g. Unique flyers or balloons, please contact us:

Email: craig@rarechromo.org or caroline@rarechromo.org

Tel: +44 (0)1883-723306