Understanding Rare
Chromosome and Gene Disorders
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Understanding Conversation – XXX, XYY or XXY Syndromes

Researchers at the University of Oxford are exploring the difficulties some children can have in understanding conversation. In order to learn more about these communication problems, they are inviting families of children aged between 7 years 0 months and 14 years 11 months with a single extra sex chromosome (XXX, XYY or XXY) to get involved in some new research.

Children taking part in the study will complete some fun language activities on the computer. Families are free to choose whether their child plays the games with their family at home or with one of the researchers. Families would also be asked to fill in some questionnaires and will talk to a researcher over the phone about their child’s development over the phone. To learn more and register interest in the study, please click here to take a look at the researchers’ website. If you have any questions, please email them on alexander.wilson2@psy.ox.ac.uk