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Unique is a Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund Winner
We are pleased to announce that thanks to votes received from Unique members and supporters, we are a winner of the Galaxy Hot Chocolate fund for November 2014! Click here to read more....
Unique Christmas Cards
Please click here to support Unique by buying our Christmas cards. With all new, colourful designs for 2014 we're sure you'll find something you like!
New research study with IMAGINE ID: Can you help?
Researchers from the University of Cambridge, University College London and Cardiff University are interested in understanding the link between genetic changes and behaviour in children with intellectual disability. The study involves filling out an online questionnaire about your child and his or her behaviour from the comfort of your own home. Click here for more information
Unique's Public FB page now in Russian!
Please click here to access Unique's public Facebook page in Russian
We are Recruiting!
We have a vacancy for an Information Officer, supporting families living with rare cytogenetic or genomic anomalies. You will need an excellent understanding of human genetics and medical terminology. Please click here for details.
DDD Newsletter 2014 now available
Please click here to read the DDD (Deciphering Developmental Disorders)project's newsletter for 2014
Volunteers Needed for New Study
Click here for details of how to get involved in a research study into the experiences of people diagnosed with a genetic syndrome, looking particularly at behavioural and psychological aspects of these syndromes.
New booklets for parents and children affected by 47,XYY or 47,XXX
Click here to access new booklets now available from the information guide section - for boys with XYY and girls with XXX to explain why they are special and for parents considering explaining to their children about their sex chromosome trisomies. Just scroll down to the X chromosome section for XXX and to the Y chromosome section for XYY
Ring20 Research and Support UK
Please click here for details of a new charity in the UK supporting families affected by Ring 20
New Facebook Group for Families in Russia
Unique Russian families...... In an effort to get more support and information to families who have a child with a rare chromosome disorder living in Russia, we have created a social networking site on facebook for our Russian families, the group is moderated by a member of Unique who is the parent of a child with an RCD, she also speaks English. If you live in Russia and are the parent of a child with a rare chromosome disorder, please contact us to join Unique by sending an email to either or